BEST buses cut fare down to minimum Rs 5 from Rs 8

A grave good news for lakhs of Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) commuters in Mumbai, the fare of BEST buses was came down on Tuesday. This decision was taken at a meeting of BEST committee to reduce the fare  As per the new revised fare, the minimum fare has been reduced to Rs 5 from Rs 8 for the shortest distance

The revised fare of BEST is as follow:

1)Fare till 5 km - Rs 5

2)Fare till 10 km - Rs 10

3)Fare till 15 km - Rs 15

4)Above 15 km - Rs 20

5)Daily pass - Rs 50

As the  BEST is currently facing a significant cash crunch as the number of people using BEST has decreased in the past recent years and opted an other mode of vehicle,the reason may also be the increasing fare of the bus.According to reports, the total number of daily passengers travelling in BEST buses has dropped from 42 lakh tto 25 lakh. Praveen Pardeshi,BMC Commissioner has decided to reduce the fare of BEST buses in order to increase the number of passengers in BEST uses and bring it to the number which it was in past years. BEST currently has 3,337 buses in all. In May, the BMC had announced to provide a financial assistance of Rs 100 crore to BEST and will increase some buses so that all the commuters can travel without any rush.

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