Are EVM'S Safe?

Are EVM'S Safe?

After receiving few allegations for EVM'S by the member of Aam Aadmi Party , the delhi chief electoral officer Ranbir Singh finally spoke that the claims are fallacious and added that the machines are "absolutely fool-proof". There is no way that the machine can be altered or manipulated. The results are very much safe within the machines which has one time programmable chip.He added that if someone tries to alter or play with the machine, the machine automatically beomes dead. Every machine is guarded by strict security till it reaches the state alloted to it. The seal is broken in front of the political party representatives so that there are no hindrances . Also he added that even they are not aware about which machine will go in which state.

The aam admi party asked for additional security at the counting centre in south delhi so that no oppositon party can hamper the original results which are to be announced on may 23.They said that a couple of such cases were witnessed earlier where political adversaries attempted to manipulate and replace the EVM machines.

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