Amit Shah says, every illegal immigrant will be deported

On Wednesday, Union Minister Amit Shah while addressing the Rajya Sabha answered a question raised by the National Register of Citizens (NRC). While answering he assured that his government will make sure to deport every illegal immigrant. The question was tossed out by the Samajwadi Party MP Javed Ali Khan, as a supplementary question on asking the government's intent and plan on the lines of the NRC in Assam and across the country.Mr. Shah boldly replied that BJP is adamant on sticking on its manifesto which delivered them this victory-rule and will be working according to it. He clearly said the government will be identifying every "illegal immigrant" and "infiltrators" from every "inch" of the country and "they will be deported in accordance to the prevailing international laws". This statement by the Union Minister collected loud applause from the treasury benches. The trial on the list of NRC was first started by the question of BJP MP Amar Shankar Sable, who asked for the reason of delay in the publishing of the final list of names in Assam.



Replying to this State Minister, Mr. Sable said that the government is working its finest to make the list "error-free", so that no genuine Indian citizen is left behind of getting his name on the list, and no illegal immigrant is added.Mr. Rai by adding to this informed the house that the Home Minister and the President's office has received more than 25 lakh memoranda by the people whose names were not on the list of NRC. He also said that the government will be filing a plea to the apex court for asking more time in the publishing of the list so that it is error-free. Mr. Sable also asked if the referenced authorities have an estimated number of the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar living in India. To which Mr. Rai replied that the government is still working with a number of them, but it is problematic to come up with a precise number as the Rohingya Muslims are living across the nation. ​

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