Aligarh accuse had been raped with daughter: Police investigation

A new  story comes after police investigation in Aligarh rape case. According to police , the accuse of this case had already pending case kidnapping , assult , including rape. Accuse , one of them, have case to rape with his daughter was just seven years old , was on bail.



The girl’s mother told newspaper that “police did not act in time”. “My child was very playfull. It was around 8.30 am and she was playing outside. The men kidnap her . We did not notice as she would usually play in the neighbourhood. When she didn’t return, we worried  and started searching. Police did not act the way they should have on the first day itself,”



After huge covering of media, administration also in action, five cops are suspended including SHO, As media report are coming, President allow to capital panishement on minor case , may be to decorate after complete  investigation and court process.

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