Above normal rainfall by the end of July. Overall monsoon shows -9% deficiency


On Tuesday, IMD Indian Meteorological Department told that due to heavy and much-needed rainfall in July has coped down the deficiency to 9%. By the end of July, the rain poured was above normal. The following two weeks are also predicted to bring in good rainfall which will make the rain deficiency go down even further, said KJ Ramesh, who retired as IMD director-general on Tuesday. In the month of July, 298.3 millimeters of rain was poured which against the normal rainfall 285.3 millimeter was higher.


"The rainfall in July was 105 per cent of the Long Period Average (LPA), five percent above normal" the current director-general of IMD, Mritunjay Mohapatra said.


95 percent of LPA is predicted, with an error margin of plus-minus nine percent. Bihar, Assam, and several coastal parts of Maharashtra were hit by floods. The rains of June were recorded to be 87 percent of the LPA, which signaled drought-like situations. In Kerala, the monsoon came a week late to its usual onset. It hit Kerala on 8th June. The movement of monsoon was sluggish this year in its initial days. By 19th June it covered the entire country. The official rainfall season starts from June to September in India. By the end of July, the deficiency of rainfall rolled down to 9 percent, which was 33 percent on 30 June. The coming two months are also expected to bring rain as good as July. El-Nino has entered a neutral phase and the Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) is also positive, added Ramesh.


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