A meet decided between Mamta Bnaerjee and the protesting doctors



The havoc in the West Bengal might be calmed down a little, as the doctors agreed to sit and talk to their CM Mamta Banerjee, but the condition given it will be in front of the entire media.
A spokesperson of the joint forum of junior doctors, after a two and a half hour long meeting  told the media.
''We are keen to end this impasse. We are ready to hold talks with the chief minister at a venue of her choice, provided it is held in the open, in the presence of media persons, and not behind closed doors."
The spokesperson added that they asked the authorities for a venue spacious enough to hold representatives coming from all medical colleges and hospitals of the state.
''We want to join our duties as early as possible in the best interests of the common people once all our demands are met with adequately and logically through a discussion.''
"We are hopeful that the chief minister will be considerate enough to solve the problem,"
On Saturday, in a press conference Banerjee, urged the doctors to resume with their work, as all their demands are accepted.  Earlier that day a closed meeting at the state secretariat was offered by Banjree but which eventually was denied by the protestors. Instead of  which she was asked to visit the NRS Medical College to have an open discussion about the strike.
The ministry of home affairs have also asked for a report about the protest.  To which Banjree replied with a crusty statement saying that such reports should be asked from different states.
'' sent to states like Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat where several murders are reported since the last couple of years''
She also added that her government has still not released the ESMA Essential Services Maintenance Act, even after the protest being live for five days in a row.
After the protesters denying for the meet, Banerjee gave out a statement saying
''We have the laws, but we do not want to use them... We are not going to take any stringent action against any of the agitating junior doctors and hamper their career,"
This fire was first lit on Monday night when two junior doctors were beaten up by the relatives of a patient who had died.
The opposition BJP, CPM and Congress have also commented on Banerjee for letting the situation grow so bad by not taking it seriously.
"for not being serious in resolving the impasses over doctor's strike"
and asked her to resolve the crisis.


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