12000 farmers suicide in last three years in Maharashtra


Between 2015 to 2018 , 12000 farmers have suicide, despite spending over ₹19000 crore on farm loan waiver as Maharashtra government said in Assembly. Davender Fadnavis , Chief minister of Maharashtra told that 24000 crore will be spent on 50 lakh farmers, 43 lakh farmers have been received benifits. 


Relief and Rehabitation minister,Subhash Deshmukh , informed that 610 farmer died in recent three month. 192 cases were eligible for compensation,96 farmers were declared for loan waiver scheme, 323 were pending for inquiry. Mr. Deshmukh said,”If any person in the family has a name on farmland document and person committed suicide is considered as a farmer. The departed person is considered as a compensation eligible.

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