''No Survivours'' from the AN-32 jet crash.


''No Survivors'' from the crash of An-32 jet.

The search party found no survivors from the crash, according to the Air Force. The families of the 13 personnels who lost their lives during this crash, have been informed, added the Air Force.
AN-32 aircraft crashed in Arunachal Pradesh last week, whose wreckage was found earlier this week. The search party brought in bad news as they could not find any survivors but dead bodies. The Indian Air Force finally announced this heart wrecking news yesterday. IAF said that the search teams ''did not find any survivors'' adding to which they said the families of all 13 personnels had been informed.
"Eight members of the rescue team have reached the crash site today morning. IAF is sad to inform that there are no survivors from the crash of a 32," the Air Force tweeted.
The aircraft was a Soviet designed twin engine turboprop transport air vessel, which went missing on June 3rd at around 1 pm. The craft was an Air Force plane.  It was flying over its route from Assam to Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh. The flight was supposed to be of 50-minutes. The wreckage of the lost aircraft was found on Tuesday. It was found in the mountains at almost a height of 12,000 feet. The apparent reason for the crash is being said the bad weather and the lack of visibility because of the thick clouds.
The relatives while waiting for news of their lost soldiers stayed in Jorhat base camp for a week.  Out of  13, 8 were crew members and rest 5 were passengers on board.A team of Air Force personnel accompanied with some local mountaineers found the remainders of the crashed air vessel. The search operation was a difficult task given the extreme weather, rain and the lack of roads.


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