Aaruni Kurup an TikTok star dies at age of 9


According to the report south entertainment website Behind Woods A girl name Aaruni S. Kurup, famous for her popular TikTok video among Malayalam audiences, died at age of 9 after due to the disease that affected her brain. The girl who was only in the fourth standard was very much popular and was loved by many people in the south, she was just an attraction. She used to do acting that was eye-catching, she had gathered a large fan base with her admirers praising her on the comments section on YouTube.The report states that she was the victim of an unidentified disease that affected her brain, she was ill from last few days and was suffering from fever and headache.


She was shifted to the S.I.T n Trivandrum and was found dead during her treatment.YouTube is just filled with videos that have thousands of views and comments. May the young soul Rest In Peace(R.I.P)

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