Woman commits suicide after getting scolded for the addiction of Tik-Tok



A woman from Tamil Nadu allegedly killed herself by drinking poison, because of getting scolded by husband for over use of Tik-Tok.
Anitha's husband Pazhanivel did not like her excessive use of Tik-Tok., and asked to stop using it. Anitha was mother to two children. This 24-year-old woman committed suicide on Thursday in her hometown, Tamil-Nadu. Before committing suicide she was scolded by her husband  for using the short video-making app excessively.
Right before ending her life, Anitha recorded a video. In the video she recorded herself drinking poison, furthermore she sent it to her husband via Whatsapp. Her husband was in Singapore at the moment. In the last video which she captured she drank a dark tinted liquid from an unlabeled white bottle. After which she was coughing, and soon died after it. The incident attained a lot of backlash online. The news channels who put up the video online on Youtube had to disable the comment section to stop in the flow of extreme comments.
This incident is just another case added to the list of people died because of this app.
Earlier this year, in January, a 15-year-old killed herself. She hung herself on the day of her birthday because she was scolded by her grandmother for always being on TikTok. After which another case of death because of this bewitching app took place. Salman Zakir, a 19-year-old resident of Delhi got shot accidentally by his friend while making a TikTok video.
After a number of such cases the Madras High Court called out a ban on this app this April. As it was not invoking extreme cases but also was cited objectional and pornographical content. The case against TikTok was filed by advocate, Muthukumar, who in return won and was able to get the app to be banned. The court also said that no pronographic videos will be uploaded on this platform, failed in which will lead to proceeding in a court of law. Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, removed the app for downloading a day after  the court's verdict on banning TikTok.


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