Three cadaver donation in a day, can save 10 individuals life

The city hospital facilated three cadaver(dead body) donations on Sunday from this three one of the donar was 17-year-old from Andhra Pradesh, second one was an 35 years old businessman and the last was the victim of accident from Mulund whose age was 44.The donations were carried out from various hospitals they are Lilavati in Bandra, Jupiter in Thane and Global Hospital in Parel,they have taken the whole year's cadaver donation and according to the report the count reaches to 45 which is too less and now adding up this three donation the count increases to 48.Due to this donations 11 life were gifted with life.



Rahul Singh a resident living in Juhu,when iron rod fell on him.He was declared dead and his family agreed to donate his organs.His heart and lungs were transplanted into an 23-year-old woman and even his kidney helped more two people at Global and KEM.



17-year boy who was undergoing his treatment at Lilavati Hospital was founf to be dead and his family consented to donate his organs.The young boy's heart was implanted into a nine-year old girl.



44-year women who met with an accident that involved her family memebers too,several members were injured and two from family ,the donar and her brother were declared dead.The donar's liver,kidney and cornea were donated.

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