Earn up to Rs 3,300 by using Google Pay


Earn upto Rs 3,300 by playing mini games introduced inside the payment app Google Pay, the company announced this news on Twitter.The game will enable the user to earn the scratch cards by playing and scoring the runs in game. Users can play as many times as they want to unlock the scratch card.The game also diplays the information of the best score, all India ranking and the total score. This game is only available for Android users.


Here are the steps how to get scratch card

  1. Open the Google Pay app and search for Tez Shots
  2. Start playing the game and increase your score by making runs.
  3. When the user reaches the score indicated in milestone like
  • Rs 50 for 100 runs
  • Rs 100 for 500 runs
  • Rs 150 for 1000 runs
  • Rs 1000 for 2000 runs
  • Rs 2000 for 3000 runs

By this they will earn a scratch card.In order to unlock the scratch card, user has to do the qualifying transcation assigned in the card during the offer period. The offer last till July 31,2019.


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