Career Counselling Through Astrology Can Help You Choose The Right Path, says Jyotish Expert Rakesh Periwal

Astrology is the science that reads the movements of celestial bodies and study of the subject can help us understand better opportunities for us. Counselling Therapist and a renowned astrologer Rakesh Periwal believes that career counseling through astrology can help choose the person the right path to move forward in his life.


Rakesh Periwal who has done a Ph.D. in career consultation in astrology has come up with an online portal where experts of various fields can give you the right advice be it legal advice, career advice, business advice. He himself provides expertise in career counseling through astrology.


"India has an ample amount of talent but the problem today is, people, do not know what the right career path is for them. Planetary positions play a very crucial part of forming our destiny. Career counseling through Jyotisha helps people in choosing the right career path for them. We can read your chart with just your date of birth, time and place and can guide you which path is apt for you to move forward in life." said Rakesh.


He further added, "Life is a cycle of birth and death. What karma we do and what is pending of the previous birth, we have to reap the efforts in this birth. Jyotisha helps in reading all those planetary positions and can help one in taking the right career path. It is an advanced level of science."


In today's scenario, when the whole world is in the trap of Corona Virus, he firmly believes that Corona's end is near. India will show the world how to face such difficult times. Rakesh threw light on Indian Vedic history and said, "Our Rishis have been teaching us the lessons of isolation since time immemorial. They always believed in tapa, yoga, and Dhyan which the world is doing now to face this pandemic. Our PM has chosen the right dates of lockdown for the nation. According to planetary positions, corona's effect will minimize after 14th April 2020”.




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