Alexa will soon be able to speak our National Language and will be considered as an true Indian

Till today's date Alexa voice AI was only able to speak and understand English language and bit of Hinglish phrases and words and nothing else, but now it seems like she is learning more new languages so that anyone can communicate with her in their regional language.


That's true what you heard, Alexa on Amazon Echo will soon be able to speak in Hindi i.e our national language not a new phrases like before,but will hold a conversation in Hindi. "Yes, we are working on infusing regional languages capabilities in Alexa for the Indian market but these are early days" said Rohit Prasad, Vice President and Head Scientist .


For Alexa at Amazon according to an IANS report. Amazon also launched Cleo last year, a skill that helped Indian customers to help Alexa learn Hindi and other languages. Amazon has hired a lot of talent in India, everyone from scientists to engineers and continues to invest heavily in the country, for Alexa's Hindi language efforts. For Rohit the challenge is about to make Alexa understand Hindi but the main concern is about her response that need to be ironed out.

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