Will Scotland win???


Will Scotland win the match 

Will Scotland win the match since they have been playing for many years. The score is 252/2 in 20 runs and the Netherlands needs 202 runs in 75 balls. Both the teams have not  won for many years. The match is going to be challenging. Most of the previous match were abandoned due to ball not bowled. Yesterday Afghanistan has won the match by 164 runs in 20 overs. Tomorrow Ireland will play against Scotland. Now Netherlands is scoring 62 runs 9.1 overs. Let hope they win. Both the teams are new. Goerge Munney is scoring 122 runs not out for Scotland teams. Whereas In Netherlands, P. Stellar is scoring 30 runs whereas S. Edwards is scoring 3 runs.


Meanwhile, Netherlands is scoring 72 runs with P.Seelar batting. S. Edwards scored 8 runs and Netherlands hit 76 runs in 10.3 over. What a wonderful match and let see who is hitting hard. Netherlands is hitting 83 runs with 11 overs and 52 balls left. O god, Who is going to win.  At 22.03 pm India timing Netherlands is scoring 95 runs in 12.4 overs. There are only 43 balls left. The Netherlands need 148 runs to win the match. 


At the end of the match, Scotland won by 58 runs in 20 overs. George Muney is the man of the match.with 127 runs.  It is the first time Scotland beat the Netherlands and the next match will be Ireland vs Scotland. What will happen at the end, Let watch the live match and wait till the end? 




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