Obesity is more dangerous than Smoking, may cause cancer


Obesity brings many diseases. So it is important to keep yourself fit. A recent study has revealed that obesity Hazards are at a higher risk of developing cancer than smokers. The study was conducted by the UK Cancer Research. According to the study, nearly a third of people in the UK are obese, while smoking is still one of the cancer factors that can be prevented.


Increases risk of cancer In the UK, there are 1900 cases of colon cancer compared to smoking every year, which leads to an increased weight of people every day. Cases of kidney cancer, ovule cancer and liver cancer due to obesity are also increasing rapidly. Extra fats in the body send a signal to the brain that they need to split the cells quickly and more quickly, causing damage to sales and increasing the risk of cancer manifold. Statistics This compares smoking and obesity to motivate people to adopt healthy hepatitis.


According to the study's lead: "The smoking rate may be falling but the obesity rate is rising sharply, which has a direct bearing on the national health crisis. Our children may be in a smoke-free environment in the times to come, but the problem of obesity in childhood is pushing them towards a variety of diseases," he said.

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