Big relief for Kerala

Pm Narendra modi said, "We will provide Kerala with all facilities for protection against Nipah virus".  Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on temple-trip. After visiting Kerala's Guruvayur temple and addressing the Abhinandan Sabha he will be going to Andhra Pradesh to visit the temple there. The Kerala visit is important as this is his first public meeting after assuming office as the prime minister for a second consecutive term. Here are the main highlights of his speech from 'Abhinandan Sabha' in Kerala's Guruvayur. BJP workers are on the ground not only for electoral politics but they serve people 365 days a year. We have not come in politics only to form a govt but we are here to build the nation, we have come for the 'tapasya' to see that India gets its rightful place in the world. 



"I assure you that Government of India is standing with Kerala government and is working towards providing you with all facilities for protection against Nipah virus.  This time the government of India has made a separate ministry for fishermen, cattle breeders to strengthen rural & coastal economy. We've also decided to run a vaccination drive across the nation for animals, for years to come so that foot & mouth disease can be eliminated", PM Narendra Modi says. 

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