Baba Randev demands government to punish the people who does food adulteration


Baba Ramdev the yoga guru on June 19 i.e Wednesday demanded that state government should make strict laws for people who adulterate fruits,vegetables and food.He said that such offender should be given a strict punishment like the country China.When Baba Ramdev was asked about the effects of fertilisers on health  at a press conference in Mumbai,he demanded that the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) rules should be made precise and should be strictly followed by all of us.

There are various types of fertilisers used on vegetables,fruits at farms dfor growing rapidly and next day they are sold in the market and consumed by the poor people who dont have any idea about it and this is leading severe health effects. Baba Ramdev says that - "Hence, my demand will be that government makes stringent laws for adulteration. Capital punishment should be given to the culprits and if not capital punishment then life imprisonment,"

Tommorrow,June 21 on the occasion of the International Yoga Day, Ramdev Baba will be taking a session of yoga in Nanded where Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis will also be present. Ramdev even did yoga asan along with the new education minister Ashish Shelar.

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