Why did OREO dropped O's and changed to RE?


The famous milk's favourite cookie is now rolling in with new look and made a great move.On friday the Oreo biscuit changed its profile picture on Facebook and Twitter accounts after several months.The new logo has same colour and size as the old one the only change seen in the new logo is that they dropped the two Os from OREO and kept only RE. Even new image was posted on its instagram account making users more exited.



As many users knows that O in the Oreo stands for cookies ,so one of the user asked "Does this means that we are only going to get box full of cream?" They think that Orea must coming with cream-omly option while Some others thinks that the change in logo may lead to bring Oreo with new delicious favours.So users stay awake and wait for Oreo's Mystery to know the reason behind the grave change in logo.

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