The Fashion Beneath Your Shoes!!

Well!! ever thought of which pair of socks are you gonna wear? Ever imagined wearing a quirky pair of socks with your outfit. Well yes! I do!! Always!!. I believe every piece of cloth you wear has its vogue importance. Socks have their own genre in fashion and combination. For most of the men out there, when it comes to socks, Black, Grey, White and brown the holy grail. The monotony of the men’s sock drawer is unimaginable.

Let's have a look on few important points that would help you master the “Art of wearing bold socks” without looking clownish. 



Indeed has to be the first tip!! Holy moly!! On point!! that’s what you crave to hear when someone notices your socks. So, first thing, think of the occasion and choose your pair. “Lets hang out guys”, a casual party though, go for a pair of graphics, banana prints, panda prints etc. and i bet you will be the eye candy. Let you girlfriend be jealous now!! 

Boss: “Lets have drinks with the clients”, a pelican print sock!! A BIG NO NO!!. Go for a pair of striped, checkered or motifs like polka dots. And i bet your deal is done!! 

RULE NO 1 : Think of the occasion and choose the right pair!!


Contrast It!

Disclaimer ahead!! Contrast doesn’t mean a clash. Be very careful!! A thin line lies between a clown and a gentleman. Pair the socks to your trousers. The socks and the trousers should complement not clash. How to play it safe then? The same colour scheme is what you should go for.

RULE NO 2: Play smart! 



Whats the point of wearing “Look At Me” if your trousers flare below the shoes. The right length of the trouser is the Foot Ankle. Your trousers should not go beyond and above that. With Jeans and Chinos, you can play differently. Just a roll up and there you go!! All eyes on you man!! Kudos!!

RULE NO 3: Get it the right length!! I mean the pants!!



RULE NO 3: Play safe!!

Dilema? Argyle it off!! Yeah!! The safest of all is wearing an argyle pattern. You wear it and it forget it!! Let the socks do the talking then!! This pattern works with anything and everything. So a must have patter in your sock collection. Meeting? Boozing? Pyjama Party? Yes. Argyle socks go with all.

RULE NO 4: If nothing! Argyle it!!

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