India's first sewer cleaning robot,invented by IIT Madras

The dangerous activity of cleaning the sewage has been banned in India since 1993 while cleaning a sewage line 620 death took place according to the report and as many as 88 cases were reported. Therefore now as a solution to this dangerous activity students of  IIT-Madras along with their Professor Dr. Prabhu Rajagopal invented the septic tank cleaning robotics.


In India we have almost more than 8,00,000 sewage cleaner, this is the uneducated people coming from the lower-income group which put their lives in danger only for some filling their stomach and earning some money. This illiterate person is forced to get into the sewage without any safety belt of the jacket which could save their life if any problem comes inside the sewage. The people literally don't care about them.


The sewer cleaner is a 50-kg robot which works with a camera installed in it by which the operator can see the condition of the sewage line that costs only 5-10 lakh. It does not cost any extra money for maintenance saving the Indian labors.


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