Monsoon in Mumbai will be delayed by a week

As from tomorrow June the month of Rainy season is going to start and all of us are eagerly waiting for the Monsoon. Evey year the first rain showers till 10th of June but this year the first rain is said be delayed by almost a week according to the weather .The maximum and minimum temperature recorded for today ,31st May is 34 degree and 28 degree respectively.



Mumbai people are tired of all this warm days and all are praying for rain. Every year the pre-monsoon showers and the wind start blowing all over till the end of month May but this year no such signs are seen.The Skymet weather says that even for the south west monsoon there will be some delay so that will even affect the Mumbai’s rainfall. So the monsoon will shower till the end of second or start of third week.So the poor Mumbaikars this year has to wait too long to experience the Monsoon.



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