Blue signal : Conserve water, only 10% water left in dams

Many parts of Maharashtra like Vidharbha and Marathwada are facing the drought condition and now it's time for people of Mumbai to face scarcity of water. As the dams and reservoirs that used to provide water to Mumbai are slowly drying up and only 10% water is left. If it doesn't rain in upcoming few days then it's going to be very difficult for the Mumbai people, so it's time to use water very carefully and to save water. So therefore the Brihan Mumbai Corporation(BMC) told people to utilize the water properly and avoid the wastage of water.


According to last year 18% more water was left in dams as compared to this year and there was no requirement of preservation. But even the monsoons are delayed this year so there is a grave need of water preservation. Some regions are already facing water cut of 10% and according to the weather forecast if it's too delay in rain then there is need of more water cut. BMC has asked for the permission to state government, for the use of water from Vaitarna dams and reserved Bhatsa to provide sufficient water incase of shortage.


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