The new trend of Web Series

Web series has been the new trend in the film industry whether it may be Bollywood/ Hollywood/ Bengali series. The new generation wants to move with the flow i.e. it may be the fashion, the technology, in short, we can say the power to empower. Like movies, Web series are kind of movies having seasons & corresponding episodes.


There are various tastes of people & according to their taste these web series are getting ranked. Its a bit complicated thing where almost adult scenes are represented, but its also the good thing that the story/character may be fictional. Rather than those movies or short stories that are retrieved as real stories. Like web series has themes & compositions like horror, comedy, horror comedy, adult,drama, detective, mystery, Thriller, psychological, etc, etc, which has become the trend in film industry & entertainment.


Also if we say that web series has some vulgar topics/scenes which can excite badly to teenagers, yeah it's true. But what to do, its social media entertainment, no one can do anything. "Flowing with the flow" everyone wants it, so without distorting the entertainment within the web series, we must enjoy & chill.

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