Levels of Programmers


UnLevel 0 -Bad Programmer

Bad programmers are the one who fell into a programmer role without an ability or skills. Everything they touch turns into pain and double work which leads to suffering the fellow programmers.

Level 1 -Unknown programmer

Programmers you code only due to their job, but don't love coding for the entire life, a completely typical programmer.

Level 2 -Amateur programmer

The amateur programmer is completely opposite of Unknown, these people just love to code and show it just by building various websites and games for fun in their free time.

Level 3 -Average programmer

At this level, you are a good programmer to realize that you're not a great programmer, but manages to make a living at it then you are talented enough at all task not only in coding.

Level 4 -Working Programmer

Working programmers are the one who has a successful career as a software developer. Your skills are always in demand and never have to worry about a good job. Your peers respect you for your error solving skills.

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