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On this World Environment Day pledge out to teach your kids and the younger generation the importance of the environment in our lives. As a human race, we have given more wounds to the environment rather than gratitude. The speed at which the human race is exploiting mother earth and hurting the environment, the day is not far when environmental resources will start depleting and will never return to us.  We have already made many plant and animal species extinct by our non-stop exploitation. It’s a famous saying, “We have not inherited the earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our successors.” Thus, we are not only using the environmental resources from our portion but also snatching the portion of our children.


During this lockdown, the schools have been shut and children are locked up in homes. Thus, this is the best time to indulge your kids in activities that help them know the importance of the environment and will further educate them to make the earth a better place to live in.


The question of the sustainable environment is quite in the debates these days and especially when levels of global warming are increasing. Therefore, this is the time when you can teach your kids the real meaning of global warming and the importance of the environment. For this, you just have to enroll your kid with Easy Shiksha’s online course for environmental studies. Go on https://easyshiksha.com/online_courses/Global-Warming-Definition-Causes-Effects_102 and get your kid enrolled for the course. It is a very easy and informative course where there will be one on-demand video that you can make your kid watch and a quiz later which will help your kid know the importance of the environment a little more. 


This course will help your kid know the concept of global warming and then you can direct your kid towards nurturing mother earth and environment. What better way you can direct your kid than indulging them in some fruitful activity which will not only help you but the earth as well. Also, it is a certificate course, therefore not only you can teach your kid the importance of the environment in an interesting way but also get him/her awarded with the certificate of completion from Easy Shiksha.





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