DU intrtoduces changes for admission in BCom and Eco Hons


According to the new rules drawn by the varsity, the inclusion of mathematics is compulsory, for Eco Hons. The aspirant must include the score of mathematics  in the calculation of best four percentage. Meanwhile another change is also implemented by the university in the admission to the course of B.Com. Student must have at least scored 50% in mathematics to be eligible for enrollment in the course.  

This  are being considered as the most debatable changes ever. No prior hints were given about these changes. The compulsory inclusion and requirement of the minimum score will be affecting thousands of students trying to get in this prestigious university. The two courses are most sought after courses among the ones offered by the institute.
Earlier, there was no requirement of minimum score for admission apart from the passing score. The aspirant only needed to have passing percentage. The mandatory inclusion was also not a term till last year. These set of rules do not seem to be working for the students in their favour.
Protest by the ex students of DU is flaming against this. They somewhat agree with the changes, but are not at happy with the timing. Such huge changes should be brought in notice earlier, so that the student would preparing accordingly.

“While we encourage such criterion, the timing of the criterion is absurd. This will render kids with dreams of studying these courses who thought they were eligible to study these subjects helpless.” 
Hari, one of the protesting students, a graudate of Shri Ram College of Commerce told DU Express.

The seekers are tensed about their admission. No one is unknown with the steep cutoffs DU encloses, alongside with those cutoffs, these changes can be scary for students. If to look from different angle these changes are good, as both of the courses are majorly maths driven, so to avoid the struggle of students to manage in future with the subject. These rules will ensure a quality of students for the varsity.


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