Dip in Pass Percentage of Maharashtra HSC Board


The Maharashtra HSC Board was declared on Tuesday. The pass percentage stood out to be 85.88%. This was the lowest as compared to the results of last three years. While last year, the pass percentage was 88.41% and that of 2017 was 89.50%, this year's results unexpectedly stooped really low. Out of 14.23 Lakhs students who appeared the examination, 12.21 Lakh students managed to clear it. The girl's cumulative pass percentage was positively better than that of boys.


About 90.25% of girls student successfully passed the examination. On the other hand, only 82.40% of boys could clear the examination. All the three streams, that is, science, commerce and arts experienced a dip in their pass percentage this year. 92.60% science stream students passed the examination(a dip of the percent.) Commerce stream recorded a pass percentage of 88.28% as compared to 89.50% of students who passed last year. Only 76.45% of arts stream students managed to pass the examination as compared to 78.93% last year.



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