CBSE Begins Marks Verification, Re-evaluation Process has been started

CBSE Marks Verification Process 2019 has been started recently. Interested students can visit to apply online for verification of marks, obtaining the photocopy of the evaluated answer book and re-evaluation.

After the declaration of CBSE Class 10th result 2019, Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE has been started the Re-verification and the Revaluation process. Candidates who are not happy with their marks can apply for re-verification and re-evaluation of their answer sheets. Candidates not happy with their marks can apply for re-verification, photocopy of the answer sheet and revaluation of their answer sheets.

Important Dates: Class 12 Students

Schedule for verification of marks, obtaining photocopy of evaluated answer books and re-evaluation


Verification of Marks


Apply Online

4th May, 2019 (Saturday)


8th May, 2019(Wednesday) by 5.00 PM


per subject


Obtaining photocopy of evaluated answer book(s)


Apply Online

20th May, 2019 (Monday)


21st May, 2019 (Tuesday) by 5.00 PM

Rs.700/- per

answer book




Apply Online

24th May, 2019 (Friday)


25th May, 2019 (Saturday) by 5.00 PM


per question


Some important points

• Requests for all the processes will be accepted only Online and during the specified schedules along with processing charges.

• The processing charges can only be deposited online (Credit/Debit Card/Net banking). Processing charges shall not be accepted offline i.e Postal Order/DD/Money order/ cheque /Cash etc.

• Incomplete/offline applications will be summarily rejected without any correspondence with the candidate.

• For all the three steps, candidates have to make a separate application and pay the processing charges separately. Only one application for each stepper candidate will be accepted in the online process. Candidate must decide in advance whether he/she has to apply for one subject or multiple subjects.

• Board will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any inconvenience caused to the candidate, consequent to the revision of mark(s) or delay in communication, for reasons beyond control.

• In cases where there is the change in marks (increase or decrease), such candidates shall have to surrender the mark sheet which is in their possession. Thereafter, they shall be issued a new Mark sheet..

• Processing charges are non-refundable.

After re-evaluation, verification of marks the decision of the Competent Authority of the Board on the marks awarded shall be final and binding on the candidates. Photocopy of the answer book(s) under RTI-Act-2005 will be provided as per provisions of RTI Act, 2005.

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