Housefull 4 Movie Review: Akshay Kumar and Kriti Sanon's Diwali release is worse than Delhi air RN

This is Housefull 4. Four! There shouldn't have been even a single one, but there are four of these in the cinematic universe! Sigh! It takes a special kind of talent to write such utter non-sense for a hundred and forty-five minutes. But Sajid Nadiadwala (producer and story), along with Sara Bodnar (story and screenplay), Tasha Bhambra, Sparsh Khetarpal and Sajid Khan (he's been credited for screenplay despite everything) have that in abundance.


In keeping with the theme of the first three installments - Housefull 1, 2 and 3, Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Kriti Sanon, Kriti Kharbanda and Pooja Hegde-starrer is just that. A hundred and forty-five minutes of non-sense. We meet the boys in their present-day avatar in 2019. Akshay (Harry) is in love with Kriti Kharbanda (Neha), Riteish (Roy) is in love with Pooja Hegde (Pooja) and Bobby (Max) is in love with Kriti Sanon (Kriti). That these women are filthy rich, and marrying them would help the men pay off a hefty debt they owe Sharad Kelkar (Michael Bhai) is a mere coincidence.


They meet their prospective father-in-law, Ranjeet (Thakral) and after much deliberation, convince him for the rishta. But it has to be a destination wedding, to be decided by the 'khandaani gola' - a globe, for the uninitiated. The wretched gola, instead of picking Vegas, Italy or whatever else, picks Sitamgarh. Why? To take the story forward, silly. The gang lands up in Sitamgarh, book a heritage resort for the wedding, and start dancing around pillars this time instead of trees, for variety's sake. Akshay, however, is having nightmares - flashes of a past life from 1419, when he used to be Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh. Returning to Sitamgarh has reinstated his memory from 600 years ago. He realises that literally everyone around him has been reincarnated, including three pigeons, Neil, Nitin and Mukesh. They died with the curse of unfulfilled love, and in this life, they have to make it right.


Except, in this life, they are about marry their pichhle janam ki bhabhi, and it is entirely upon Akshay to stop this anarth, while he unearths more truth about the political espionage that caused their death, 600 years ago. Now, these were not spoilers. There is nothing to spoil here any way. These, you have seen in the trailer itself. The smart thing to do would be to leave it at that and not buy a ticket to the film. But, if you still want to, pull a chair. Let's talk. The screenplay of Housefull 4 is so confusing that Da Vinci Code will seem simpler in comparison. The extravagant sets, which are heavily influenced by Game of Thrones, from King's Landing to Dragonstone, appear to be a product of below-par CGI.


The flamboyant costumes are worse. Bala is styled to look like a Bajirao-esque Maratha king, and Rana Daggubati's 1419 avatar, Gama (he is Pappu Rangeela, the girls' cousin in 2019) is made to look like a hybrid between Khal Drogo, The Lord Of Bones and a Kaalkeya fighter. Akhri Pasta or Chunky Panday is the same. Yes, there was pasta in India in 1419. His pichhle janam ki biwi, however, was lost in reincarnation, and was reborn as Johnny Lever. Just remember, you have the option of walking out of the theatre anytime. Endless sexist and homophobic jokes (courtesy Chunky and Johnny's banter), yelling, screaming and mind-numbing minutes later, true love wins. We think. Because there were dramatic looks exchanged and a part of a romantic song between the original 1419 couples.


We are not sure because the girls look interchangeable. We even tried to look for story, but that was nowhere to be found. Housefull 4 has plenty of songs you can groove to. None of them is particularly memorable, but we're hoping the bad melody will drown under the deafening sound of firecrackers (green or otherwise). As will this movie. But then, a girl can only hope. Sajid Khan was directing Housefull 4 initially but had to be removed after #MeToo allegations surfaced against him. Farhad Samji took the baton post that, took the film to completion. We're going with 1 star out of 5, out of respect for Farhad Samji who had the most difficult task of all. Good news is that we've survived. You have the option to not test that.

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