A review of Bharat movie


Bharat movie has been lately expected the 150 crore franchise but was experiencing a drastic fall in the collection this Monday to 9 crores which were a piece of major news on the table. Here is a review of the movie starring the power on screen couple Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif! The movie has brought up many burning topics in a very unexpected way and the fact that made the movie a bit prone to doubt was it's non-linkage of the plots to each other!



Strangely, the protagonist had to play more than a normal number of a profession in the movie! Though that is not a supernatural thing or very hard to explain, but being a story from a general human perspective, it is hard to believe!



The movie revolves around the guy Bharat who was named by his father as Bharat without any surname because for the sanctity in the name and his love for the nation. In a riot during partition, the child Bharat was given a responsibility of his younger sister, to carry her onto the train which due to the chaos was not fulfilled. Hence, as a result, the father(Jackie Shroff) had to climb down. For he knew, this might prove fatal, he gave Bharat his sister's address in Delhi,  and gifting him his watch, asked him to always keep the family intact despite everything. The kid grew trying every inch to save his family and earning for their livelihood! Starting from selling newspaper, to cleaning the vehicles in the traffic, to polishing the shoes, he did every measure to earn as a child. Slowly he grew up and in his ten, he decided to risk and earn by working in a circus, where he has a love interest Radha(Disha Patani) . The shows went all amazing until he saw people injured themselves and risked their lives treating him as his idol. So he left his job!



After his shifting to India after partition, the child Bharat found a friend Bilayati(Sunil Grover) who always bagged his side! After both dropped their job at Circus and Bharat sacrificed his love interest for the promise to his father and his realisation of him spoiling people's life! After that, he in the process of job finding met Madame sir Kumud (Katrina Kaif) who was the testing head for the group of people to qualify for the job in the Arab oil refining! They developed love in between them while the job, but again due to the promise made by Bharat he denied to marriage and thus, they were in a family approved live-in relationship after that!



After that, Bharat moved to save his family joined as a marine merchant! And then goes on! The plots not being in flow with each other, and being very disruptive does make the audience slightly sceptical about the movie! The movie no doubt did attract the audience at the beginning but there have been serious trolling around by the netizens about the movie and its poor storytelling!

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