Goa: A land of adventure and activity


Goa: A land of adventure and activity


The destination Goa is famous for its beaches, seafood, music and fun loving people. It almost provides for a soothing weekend after so much hard work in the office. For the young ones, the place is full of fun and frolic steamed with activities along with some trails of adventures. As Goa remains the most preferred holiday destination in summers, the revenue notches up catering almost 8 million tourists, from all over the world annually. The ambience and warm hospitability of the people residing there give a sense of belongingness to the tourists visiting them.

When it comes to food, sipping cocktails by the beaches is to die for. In contrary to the laid back attitude that Goa provides, it also offers a host of adventurous activities. The adventurous activities give an adrenaline rush to those who love adventures. One can actually cruise across the rivers to enjoy the serenity of it. Thrilling sports such as banana boating, jet skiing is always in high demand among the tourists. Who doesn’t want to sail through the mangroves to witness the wild nature? The kayaks are specially assigned with the job of sailing around the mangroves, paddling in the waters and wallow in the sunset.

A  timeless activity that Goa provides is Scuba Diving. This activity is an underwater adventurous sport that includes exploration of marine life. Here one can actually have a firsthand experience of different creatures and plants which are completely different from the ones on land.

One can participate in such an adventurous sport not in the state itself but on one of its island off the coast. The Grand Island is one such where one can do snorkelling. The Atlantis Watersports is one such company that provides with some really good economical packages for it.

Being a renowned watersports company in Goa, approved by the Goa Tourism Development Corporation(GTDC), the company has been serving the tourists with some really exciting city excursions, Sunset boat trips and many more. They also ensure high- quality safety measures. As the Grand Island is situated in the Indian Ocean, it is home to a variety of flora and fauna like sponges, corals and sea anemones.

Once the tourists reach the island, they are greeted by the professional instructors and experts. The guidance from them helps the tourist to learn, how to tie the ropes, proper use of oxygen tanks along with the scuba suits.  As soon as the proper briefing is done, people can actually plunge in the blue waters and explore a mystical world underneath. The instructors always remain with the participants so as to guide them in exploring the waters.

If one is not in favour of carrying tons of equipment with them, they can simply rely on snorkels that are available. There are instructors who can help the participants to teach how to use them while diving into the water. The sight it serves is full of fruitful experiences and clear waters. Such kinds of experiences can really rejuvenate beautiful thoughts for a lifetime.  

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