Always maintain distance from stress

In our country, India, the maximum % of people are having stress problems. Starting from children to the old, all are facing this stress issues. You must be aware of the problems of stress. The biggest harm made by stress is a failure . It really makes us slow in the competition. As a result, we harm ourselves and also lose our targets.  Children have stress for studies and their exam. In offices, the excess of workload and competition for the best results in stress. Competition in business is also the reason for their stress problems. Trying to perform numerous tasks also leads to stress. Modern lifestyle can also bring stress.


 Excess stress shows various types of symptoms in them. Due to stress, the person becomes depressed. It also results in anxiety, irritability, low sex drive, memory and concentration problems, compulsive behavior, mood swings. This also does not allow the person to take rest and eat.Thus, try to maintain a distance from stress. Yoga, meditation, exercise helps to maintain our mental balance as well as our health. Try to practice them daily for a few minutes. 

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