The New Challenge For Census 2021 | CAA-NRC-NPR Controversy Throws Up New Challenge | Latest News

The rising anger over the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Population Register (NPR), National Register of Citizens (NRC) will effect the census 2021. The hampering of official data can be witnessed in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. Reports indicate that people are declining to share personal information with government officials. Census is the key source that helps in determining the population data which serves and helps the government to make appropriate policies. People are afraid to reveal their personal information because of NPR and CAA. According to people if they respond truthfully, NPR is likely to question their citizenship. Being genuine in the intentions, the census will not be able to work. The loss of the original data will yield inappropriate government schemes and policies.


If we see the overall effect, we will witness the erosion of the trust of the citizens of India which is the most important ingredient to run a state and hence state will not be able to make effective policies for its people.



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