The Business of Myth - SKIN Color

Myth is a term that the world believes a lot. Our world is encapsulated by the term Myth, like as, if your skin color is bright, you're beautiful.I mean what kind of logic is this? 


Skin color can't decide the beauty of a person. In fact, based on skin color, no one has the right to judge anyone. Our beauty is described by our inner beauty, our talents, our hard work & dedication. People across the globe have thought that if a person has dark skin, that person isn't beautiful. But if we search google there're huge no of people who has darker skin but still, they're the world's best & successful.


God has created people, we must not criticize anyone for their skin color. For example, there're a good number of women have successfully won the title of MISS WORLD. SO, how its happening? Its their talent, their hard work. Even in colleges, universities we see often girls are criticized for their skin color, they're being teased. And no one is there for the protest & its increasing day by day. we need to change our view for those things.


Also boys are also bullied in class for their skin color. SKin color, its actually a color, scientifically the color of the skin is nothing but the presence of melanin & nothing else. Where is our humanity? where is our Mankind? we have turned introvert & gradually the graph is rising. We must stop criticizing others on basis of skin color. Still people won't understand. And the most beautiful thing we see that the people, who're being criticized, just invest time to the destination called SUCCESS, rather investing time on the outsiders. Outsiders have nothing to do rather than criticizing others.


Everyone is beautiful.

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