Popularity of fast food restaurant in India


The chain of fast food restaurants is growing everyday with its poor health benefits.We can call it slow poison. They are very popular in every town or city. According to the people, fast food makes life more easy and saves time. Also it is of low cost and affordable. 



People generally are attracted to such counters because of their low rates and the items on the menu are quite affordable. People of all ages are spotted at such counters. But with their low rates, they also provide you with poor hygienic conditions which leads to obesity, heart diseases, depression, acne etc. Fast food have numerous nutritional drawbacks.



With the advantage of fast service, also the cosumers are happy and quite comfortable with the menu items. People, specially teenagers prefer going to fast food restaurant rather than going in a fine-dining restaurant to save their time. People don't cook and end up eating in such joints because they are addicted to it physically as well as mentally.



People have made a habit to grab food from such fast food centres. In other words, fast food has now become a part of our culture. People have given so much importance to fast food. Anything which is too artificial is not good for our health. It should be our first priority to eat healthy food on a daily basis. Also we should convince people to eat healthy and home made food. Though it is a long way but one thing is sure that if we try then a fruitful result comes to us in our near future.


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