Netflix comes out with a Rs. 199 only plan

Starting today, Netflix is available with the mobile-only plan at a price of 199 per month. This plan will be streaming SD videos and on only one screen. Seeing the competition between all the other entertainment platform like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix finally launched the affordable plan. This launch cleared all the rumors about the price of the plan which was being predicted at around Rs. 250 per month. Currently, this plan of 199 is only available in India and in no other part of the world. However, officials of Netflix has confirmed that they have been testing this plan in various other parts of the globe.



The stats presented as per Netflix states, India is the country with maximum mobile phone users and using the fact they are aiming to provide a personalized experience to the users of smartphones in India. With this fresh plan, Netflix is aiming to get into the second and third tier of the country by providing its streaming at an affordable price. This plan supports SD streaming and on only one screen. Before this Netflix provided three plans which ranged from Rs 500 to Rs 800 per month. This plan comes to the ground to compete with other streaming services which are at a lower cost as compared to the older three plans presented by Netflix. ​

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