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Major tips to make it in Indian Classical Music




Indian Classical Music, not just a cultural form of music but the soul of the cultural spirit of India. It has a wide variety of forms known as Ragas. It has a cultural origin from the ancient history of India. Well, if one wants to study or know about the history of how Indian Classical Music was formed and how it has started being performed during the Mughal Period in India, one seriously needs to look into the books and extract the data from there. Our India has a rich history of classical music and we had a lot of great musicians during even the ancient and Mughal Period and obviously everybody would have heard of Tansen.



Indian classical musicians say that there are forms of Ragas that are based on different-different occasions, weathers, seasons, and emotions. There are times to perform ragas. According to Hindustani Classical Music, there are 8 Prahars in a full day and every Raag/raga gives its immense feel if it’s played in specifically defined time due the nature of their notes and the arrangements. Every Prahars is of 3 hours that means 8×3=24 hours.



Years of dedication and rigorous training is what makes you a better Hindustani Classical Musician. Well, along with training it is also important to listen and observe the performing style of various classical artists. Adapting their style and letting it sync with yours make it something new and unique too.



Well, the followings are some tips to develop a future in Indian Classical Music:


(1). One needs to start learning from a very earlier age

Well, it is advised to learn classical music while one is between the age of 5 to 8. At this age, developing a voice range, identify Shruti and the voice modulation and its technicalities are better understood then. But as if you are a great connoisseur of music then you can learn it at any time you want but that does not mean you will be a professional one. To become a professional in the Indian Classical genre of Music, you need to be in between a required age to learn its professionalism as well.


(2). Where to learn it from

This is the biggest question mark when it comes to deciding where to learn. Well, there are institutions like Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Saraswati Music Classes, etc. that offer you a good choice in Indian Classical Music. One can call them and ask for the information related to admission where one will have to give audition before getting admission. It has a process.

Also, trying to get engage with various music groups might help you to learn even in a better way. Many colleges have their music societies inside the campus that offer their students to come and join. Well, not everyone can join it because of some certain seats but that doesn’t cost anything to be a part of.


(3). Which Genre to choose?

Fusion, semi-classical, or light is generally offered and being in demand among the new learners because it is not that complex than actual classical music. One can choose to learn Fusion or Light singing and can look forward to stepping into the Bollywood music industry. But it requires a lot of patience as well. It takes a lot of time and patience too when it comes to learning the complexities of actual classical ragas.

With the globalization of music and its changing connoisseurs, it is actually required to make something unique like a fusion or the mix up of classical and semi-classical music.


(4). Giving performances

Apart from learning, one can also approach some public cafeterias and auditoriums for individual performances. During college festival times, a lot of musical competitions and performances take place so one can talk to them as well in order to get audiences. Because it is really necessary for an emerging artist to engage with their audiences. It needs to have a base of the public that would help them to rise.


The road in music comes with a lot of hurdles and disturbances with distractions but one needs to keep moving on with dedication. In order to achieve what one needs.









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