Infosys finalizes making Manila firm digital on Microsoft platform

Infosys will make Manila-based firm for Summit Holdings in the Philippines to go digital on Microsoft platform Azure, according to the global software major revealed on Monday.


Infosys finalizes making Manila firm digital on Microsoft platform

"As a technology services partner, we will digitize operations of JG conglomerate using Microsoft Azure, which is an open, hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud platform, along with SAP's Hana database management system," the city-based firm said in a statement here. As software product and the related services partners, Infosys and Microsoft will enable JG to migrate to the cloud for better accessibility and develop a robust digital infrastructure for its business processes.


"We will leverage JG's infrastructure management solution suite, a hybrid IT management platform to build, adapt and govern such cloud environment, enhancing the overall end-user experience," an Infosys personnel said in the statement. As a vendor, Infosys will also be deploying Wingspan, its next-gen learning solution, on the platform to upgrade skills of JG employees to use the digital platform.


"Our objective is to embed digitization into our core business strategy across units, subsidiaries, and affiliates. Leveraging our expertise in digital technologies and understanding the core of the business landscape, by that we will provide JG a secure as well as the scalable hybrid cloud platform for digital transformation and perform such operations and enable an adequate transition to a modern digital workplace." Microsoft's Vice President, Operations, Ricky Kapur said many firms don't realize the opportunity cost of not going digital and using cloud and incur productivity and revenue decline."JG will have a roadmap to develop unique capabilities, value for customers and maintain a competitive advantage in a digital-first world," he said.


As one of the largest and diversified Filipino corporations, JG is engaged in businesses like snack foods, beverages, and commodities that serve middle class with rising incomes in the Philippines, South-east Asia, and Australasia

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