Indian Railways to offer massages to its passengers

A new way to generate a non fare revenue, the Indian has planned to provide massages to its passengers. A total of 39 trains departing from Indore will be given the massage facility. Both head massage and feet massage will be provided only at a cost of Rs.100.



The scheme has been given in regard to the Railway's Scheme which asked to figure out new ways gain non fare revenues. Reportedly, this was proposed from Ratlam divison of Western  Railway Zone. 



"This is the first time in history of railways that we will provide massaging service for passenger comfort on running trains. It will not only increase revenue but also add passengers. Railways will earn an additional revenue of Rs 20 lakh annually and an estimated increase of Rs 90 lakh per year through additional sale of tickets from about 20,000 passenger who will be the service providers," official said.


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