An 11-year-old Jiya, scores the highest possible of 162 in UK MENSA test!

Jiya Vaducha, an 11-year-old Indian origin girl had appeared the MENSA test in British and has been able to secure the highest possible mark, Jiya has been such kid who has always shown her extraordinary performance in intellectual activities and her parents were always taken aback! She had recently appeared the UK MENSA test in which she managed to score the highest possible marks of 162.


Jiya’s mother, Bijal, is an accountant by profession and with her husband, Jignesh runs a software consultancy called Schnell Solutions Limited. With their extended family based in Mumbai, India, Bijal said, “As parents, we are absolutely elated about Jiya’s achievement. From a very young age, she displayed characteristics of someone with a high intellect but by scoring 162, she has completely surprised us. Now the real task begins for us to ensure she gets the opportunities where she is able to fulfil her full potential,” There has been a tonne of good wishes pouring in for the small girl who has surprising and exceptionally good intellect!

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