Aamir Khan shares two 10 seconds films made by his wife Kiran Rao


Indian Actor Aamir Khan has shared two,10 seconds films made by his wife Kiran Rao.The difference is they are not a 3 hr films which we watch on regular basis but are of only 10 seconds which tries to convey a great message throught it. Sharing one of the film on Instagram Aamir wrote "Hey guys,Kiran my wife has made 10 secs short film. I didn't even it is possible to tell a story in 10 second!Just have a look and check it out."


The first film depicts that two school going kids are given a glass of milk,the mother gives full glass of milk to her son and half glass of milk to her daughter.Seeing the unequal treatment given by his mother the boy pours the milk from his glass to evenly divide it between them.The video ends with a grave message"It takes a few seconds to show change." 


The second films shows a woman applying ice on her scar under her eyes and hands the ice to her maid,the maid in return gives a mobile dialing the number 100 on it.The woman acknowledging it decides to call the police and complain about it.

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