7 Tips To Get The Most Cool From Your Car Air Conditioning


Air conditioning in cars is a common thing now as even the basic models come with an air conditioner. However, car owners face a common problem where they are unable to get the desired cooling. In such situations, a majority of car owners start to consider damages in the cooling system. However, the reality is different. The performance of a car’s AC depends upon several factors. To know more about the different parts and their performance level of the air conditioning system of your car just read the below paragraphs. We have listed down seven efficient tips by which you can get maximum cooling from the AC of your automotive. Nevertheless, you should also know the basic ways to restrict excessive heat in the car.


The simplest way to restrict the overheating of the car is by turning the engine off while promoting proper ventilation. Park the car at a proper place Always choose a cool and shady place to park your car. This restricts the car’s exposure to direct sunlight, restricting overheat. In a condition of overheating you can ventilate the car and wait for several minutes before driving. Apart from damaging the AC system, overheating of the car takes a toll on the fuel economy and the engine too. 


Set to lower temperatures: Car owners have a habit of setting the AC temperatures nearly equal or even higher than the external temperature. This degrades the performance of the air condition and leads to extra fuel consumption. To get a seamless performance and efficient cooling from the AC try to set in low temperatures. Car ACs at lower temperatures consume less fuel as well as allows the engine to work seamlessly. Be aware of the fact that reheating can be dangerous for your Avoid Pre-cooling AC is one of the most expensive parts of a car. Auto parts for an AC are highly expensive and installing a spare part from Boodmo can be a tough job for you. So, you should avoid pre-cooling your car in any condition. Always wait for a few seconds before you turn on the AC while driving. In the initial period, there are chances for you to feel a bit hot but a good AC system can provide efficient cooling in a few seconds. To let the hot air out faster, you can open the window on the rear slightly for a few seconds.


Avoid frequent switching: The performance of the air conditioning system of your car can degrade due to frequent switching. You should never turn the AC on and off to maintain a balanced temperature in the car. Apart from being an unscientific approach, it leads to damage to the AC system. However, if you feel hot or too cool, try regulating the temperature directly from the console itself. Turn the recirculation mode off if passengers are present in the rear seat of the automotive.


Turn off the automatic mode: Most car owners prefer turning the AC’s automatic mode on. This takes a toll on the overall health of both the AC and the car. Prolonged activation of the automatic mode results in a drop in the fuel economy and damages the compressor. Moreover, in excessive heat, the automatic mode can fail to reach the desired level of cooling.


Clean the filter regularly: The condition of the cabin air filter of an automobile is directly related to the performance of the AC system. Dirt on the air filter restricts seamless airflow in the car which exerts an abrupt pressure on the compressor. This can lower the level of cooling and extend the peaking time as well. The process of changing the air-filter is lucid which you can do easily without any technical support. Just make sure to change the filter on a regular interval of a few months. However, for some models, it is vital to seek technical support as the air-filter remains well below the dashboard.


Go for servicing: Servicing the air conditioning system can readily improve its performance elevating the cooling level. You must consider servicing the AC system of your car in an interval of six to ten months. For getting the best results, try to choose a good technician who is well aware of the AC system of your car. If necessary, try to replace the parts of the AC system that have turned weaker.




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